Banjo, Fiddle, and Guitar Lessons

“As much muse as instructor,” his enthusiasm and love for music are infectious. Max is a tremendously talented musician with a joyful, humble demeanour and is unfailingly generous in sharing his musical knowledge.

“I find his approach very practical in that it is based on learning songs and tunes, incorporating singing when appropriate, and on learning both by ear and using tablature. He always offers a helpful variety of personal study tools – videos, sound recordings, and tab (which he will personally arrange as needed) – enabling me to continue learning and improving on my own time.

“Never daunted by even the sourest note in my repertoire, Max has helped me to grow organically according to my own inclinations and abilities. He is always ready with the perfect new tune, a relevant bit of theory when it’s practical to the topic at hand, a kind word of encouragement, and a fresh idea for perfecting even the trickiest of new licks.

All of that, plus we just have a darn good time.”

–Banjo Student, 2015


Instruments offered: Fiddle, Banjo, and Guitar.

Please email to schedule lessons (in-person or online).

My goal as a teacher is to give students the tools they need to learn by ear, play with others, improvise, and teach themselves. My approach is based upon oral tradition, a learning process that encourages students to actively engage with a piece of music through singing, focused listening, and creative composition. I use a call-and-response teaching method as an alternative to sheet music in order to instill within students a strong connection between ear, voice, and instrument. My students study from a wide range of American musical traditions, including old-time dance tunes, blues, and ballads.

“Take-home” learning materials consist of: sound recordings taken during the lesson, commercial recordings, music from online archives, and videos of contemporary musicians. The diversity of sources, styles, and tunings that my students discover makes them more adaptable and collaborative while playing music with others.

I work with students of all ages and experience levels.

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